Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Updates on Me:-)

I took today off work. It was a crazy busy week and I promised Mark that I would finally update my driver's license to my married name. Two good reasons to enjoy my Friday. Done and done! Only spent an hour in the DMV. What a sad, lonely place it is. I got a new calling that I'm very excited about, but I haven't been sustained yet, so not sure if I can reveal it. Will update tomorrow:-) Mark got a new calling too. No more Webelos den leaders for us! I will miss the boys. 10 year old's are so fun! No pretense from them and always ready to do anything fun! We got a Costco membership for Christmas from Scott (Thank You) Mark's brother, and we took our first trip to warehouse land as a couple last Saturday. Very exciting! Brought back some great Korea memories for me and opened Marks eye's to the lovely possibilities of wholesale shopping. I am planning to quit my job in March and I have been looking for practical ways to fill my time. I really want to get into canning, especially beans, and I want to work on emergency preparedness and food storage. Want to be helpful when civilization crashes down around me, and I want to make sure I'm eating healthier. Small steps:-) Here is a deep thought to end this post. How do we stand in holy places and be not moved? Think of yourself as the holy place and do not be moved by every wind of doctrine. You may be the only holy place some people encounter in their day, don't be moved to do or say anything that lessens your or their holiness.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hanging at home on a Tuesday

Today has been a lovely day so far! I took the day off work because Mark has a meeting I need to take him too. The meeting is in the afternoon,so I technically could have worked a half day,but I'm not so in love with my job that I'm inclined to work that half day. I got up at around 8:30 which was lovely, and got lots of odd jobs done. I vacuumed the entire house, did lots of laundry, got groceries for dinner (I'm feeding the sister missionaries tonight) took out the trash and will get all the recycling out of the house this afternoon. The real win of the day will be if I can get the pirate ship picture hung before the day is out. Mark got this awesome picture of 2 ships locked in epic battle on the high seas. He got a deal on it when he bought his sofa several years ago. Its very large and pretty heavy and for a long time we kept it on the mantle. However, I wanted to use the mantle for holiday decorations, so I took the ship picture off and just need to get it hung! Hopefully the momentum of this day will stay with me and I'll keep on with the productivity:-)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

a nice weekend

Well, its been a ridiculously long time since I've blogged. I am happy to report that I'm still happily married. Still living in Charlotte, North Carolina and still working in international relocation. My lovely hubby has had some neck/back/shoulder/ hand pain and we've been trying to get him better. He's done the whole physical therapy, chiropractor, cortizone injection route and we finally went to a holistic healer that a friend recommended. It was awesome!! She really knew her craft and took good care of my beloved Mark. He left feeling very tired but more relaxed than he'd felt in months. We are scheduled to go back in 2 weeks. I am optimistic that we are on a good path for his recovery. This was on Saturday. We then we tried to go to Outback Steak house for dinner, but the restaurant we went to was so busy it was a 60 - 70 minute wait!! We opted to try on a less busy day. We had Mexican food instead and it was delicious! Today, Sunday, was great. Church was very nice then, we had green chili burritos for lunch/ dinner and I put together some gift baskets for my visiting teachees and then got to deliver them. It was wonderful to make something with my hands and actually get off my butt and visit people and be a part of life. Right now Mark and I are discussing TV series and why some get old and some keep your interest and the current theory is that the successful shows give you resolution, but keep interesting story lines going, where as the lack luster shows start out OK but never really get anywhere. Why must media entertainment be imperfect? Anyhow, life is good and I am happy!! Gonna try to blog more:-)Lets see how it goes!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Married for a little more than a week and still loving it!!

So, Mark and I got back from our honeymoon in Cancun yesterday. It was pretty darn awesome! Cancun is beautiful and crazy humid. The all inclusive resort was great and we had a wonderful time there. Here are some pictures. Here is Mark looking manly and dapper at the resort: Here we are at Playa Del Carmen. We got Mark the do-rag to keep him from getting sun burnt. Here's us lounging at the beach: Here is our trip to Coba. We got to climb to to top. It was wonderful!! The trip to Coba was a tour and they also took us to a Cenote and canoeing. The Cenote was just a hole in the ground that we rappelled into: I'm really going to have to figure out how to do pictures better, but hopefully these will suffice for now:)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catching Up

Well, there's been a lot going on with me since my last post. For those that impossibly don't know yet, I got engaged! We have the date set for June 1st in the Mesa Arizona Temple, with a reception afterwards. I'll send invites eventually:-)

I have been reading a lot lately, no real surprise there, but I have been trying to focus my reading to some kind of purpose of late. I have been feeling that my brain is starting to atrophy (sp?) and have been missing the challenge of an educational setting where you learn things and then have to account for your learning by writing a paper or giving a presentation or taking a test.

I decided to chose a topic, study it, then put together a power point presentation to help solidify and validate my efforts. My first topic was a study of Mark Twain. I read a few books of his that I had not read before, listened to a biography and correlated historic events with his life line. It was quite interesting! I put my power point together already and am just awaiting the day I get to share it with my beloved fiance and his obliging roommate. Hopefully soon:-)

I haven't decided on my next topic yet, but I have been reading several books on America's history, namely the 5000 Year Leap, The Cleansing of America, and some of the Federalist Papers. I think I will continue to read historic political stuff, but I don't think I'll make it my next topic. I might do something scientific maybe, or possibly historic, like some great war. I am currently listening to a book about the small pox, so contagious diseases might be a good topic too. (Those who know me well know that I have a thing for the Black Death, so this would be up my alley.)I would be very open to suggestions.

Hmmm, I joined my ward/ stake women's basket ball team. We have been practicing on Wednesday's and playing on Saturdays. It has been a lot funner than I anticipated. I initially joined because I really needed to get my huge butt off the couch and put forth at least some effort to get to know people in my ward. I'll tell ya, it is awesome having a fiance, but it is all to easy to only spend time with him and not bother with all the other people in the world. I hope that we're not one of those intolerable couples that act like the world is only populated by each other, but it is very easy to just stay in on a weekend and not be hassled by company. I think it is good to interact with a variety of people, so women's basket ball for me it was.

All in all, it was an awesome decision. There weren't enough interested women from my ward, so they mashed a few wards together. About half are from my ward and the other half from Providence ward. On average we have about 8 women show up each game, so we get to sub out often. Most of the sisters play very well, and those of us that haven't played for the last 20 years (yikes! can I really be old enough to have not done something for 20 years!!??!?!?) don't hurt the team too much.

I am lucky that Mark (my fiance) is well trained in basket ball. He gives me pointers and is wonderfully kind and patient with my ignorance and general lack of skill in this area. I think I'm learning fast though, and I'm definitely having fun.

I am super excited for March to come. My lovely and awesome sister is flying to North Carolina on the 2nd to take our wedding announcement pictures. I am thrilled to have her here!! I hope she likes Charlotte, and I hope my smelly apartment doesn't ruin her trip too much.

Then, that next weekend I am flying to AZ to see the final opera of the AZ season. Tevia and I bought tickets for the opera season before I had any idea of moving to NC. I missed the first two because I was here, but the last one is the one I really want to see. It is Aida, and should be quite good.

Funny thing though, Mark likes opera, and he purchased the opera season here. So I got to see Madama Butterfly, El Trovatore and the Magic Flute with him. Reason number 5,685,921 why I am madly in love with this guy:-)

Last, but not least, it felt like today was the first day of spring!!! It got up to 76 degrees, (according to my car thermometer) and it felt like heaven!! I have been so cold all winter (I don't turn on the heat in my apt as it worsens the smoke smell, and Mark's from Alaska, so his house is always 60 degrees or colder, and no corporate building in the world knows how to keep the temperature anything less than frigid) so 76 degrees is about as close to bliss as I can get right now. True, for me to be sincerely comfortable I like it to be 80 degrees or warmer, with no humidity, but I'll take nice days like this where I can get them.

All in all I am so happy and so grateful and so glad I moved here. North Carolina has been good to me and I truly wish all people could find such happiness for themselves. I really do want world peace!!!

I'll try to take my camera around more often so all this boring wordage gets interrupted by more interesting pictures. Until next time! TTFN

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Way too long overdue

Hello! Well, it has been about half a year since my last post. Much has happened since then. Let me give a bit of a recap of the last year or so. I don't have a lot of pictures to accompany the events, but so it goes.

In April I went with the fam to the Arches National Monument in Utah. It is one of my favorite places in the world. I have a deep and abiding love for sandstone. I was looking through my pictures and I realized I took hardly any and only 1 with me in it.

That was an awesome trip. I could go there more often than every 10 years.

Then, the great surprise of the year, I moved to North Carolina for work purposes.
Again, shamefully few pictures exist of my time here so far. My current apartment had a horrific smoking habit. I spent the first few days trying to clean the smell out, but to no avail. here is a picture of the cleaning efforts:

Hm, then, glory of glories, I met a most incredible man and started dating him. We have now been together for almost 6 months. Super cool. Here's a pix of us:

This fabulous man, Mark is his name, included me in his family trip to Disney World this past October. It was awesome!! Of course, I grew up going to Disney Land in California and I couldn't help but compare the two. I have to say both have their good points and I like both equally. Again, I am a crappy picture taker so here isn't much visual documentation for this event, alas. Here is one with me and Mark entering the Magic Kingdom. Then one from the Beauty and the Beast show and the live Indiana Jones performance. Pretty cool all!!

I then got to visit home at the end of October because my brother Nephi was visiting from japan with his family. This was the first time my entire family has been in the same place in years!! I completely failed to take any pictures of my brother or his family or the friends that came with them. (You can check out my sister's blog, she documented it well, including the family picture we took!)
But, I did get a picture of my new nephew twins!!

I also got Phineus and Ferb t-shirts for my older nephews, and I got one to match. Here's a picture of us looking fabulous!!

Then we spent Thanksgiving with friends from the ward and we're planning to travel to AZ for Christmas. I am super excited to get back to a desert environment with dry air and warm sun and the loving arms of my beloved family. I am also super excited for Mark to meet the peeps! I think he and my family are going to get along quite nicely. I'll try to take pictures to document it all.

Welp, hope this gets it all caught up. More to come, eventually:-)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moved to North Carolina, been here 2 weeks

Hello lovely people of the world! Well, I up and moved to North Carolina almost exactly 2 weeks ago. My company needed someone to take a position here for a new client, and I was the luck recipient of said position. It has been an interesting adventure so far. Foremost is that my apartment smells horribly of cigarette smoke. I am most heartily disappointed by this and have tried numerous methods to eliminate the smell, but to no avail thus far. I am dedicating my Saturday to further efforts, but I do have the backup plan of moving to a different apt as soon as one is available. Right now that is not until July 8th. If I can success in getting the smell out before then than I will probably just stay put as it is rather costly to move. Suffice it to say, I am not impressed with this apartment complex and I will not be renewing my lease.

Otherwise, I am doing wonderfully well here. I am getting to know the streets and getting used to the overwhelming green all around me and the fact that none of the streets are straight, meet at right angles, take you anywhere directly, or keep the same name from one mile to the next.

I went to church on Sunday and I can say with confidence that the church is the same everywhere you go. Mormons are great and I love the continuity it provides for those of us crazy people to randomly move across the country for no particular reason. I had a little chat with my Bishop, introducing myself and letting him know that I am a wonderfully capable individual and I think he should find a use for me. I am still miffed that my previous ward had absolutely no use for me whatever. Pretty lame.

Um, the bugs haven't been too bad, but I have seen (and eliminated) a lot of spiders. There are oodles of slugs that come out when it rains and there are weird white floaty things that drift about on the air when its sunny. I don't think the floaty things are bugs, maybe seeds of some kind. It's kind of like that part in the movie Legend where the chick is innocently roaming the woods and the sun is shining down and the air is full of..stuff..that floats and makes it looks all mystical and fantasyish.

Anyhow, I have a rigorous day of cleaning and battling old cigarette smell. Wish me luck!

Maybe someday I'll take some pictures and let y'all see the new digs. I'll work on that :-)